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We’re glad you’ve navigated to our page…you’ll find all the answers you’re looking for in our Compass Travel Academy website.

Compass Travel Academy is a comprehensive educational program designed to expand your knowledge of the world around you and prepare you for a career in the travel industry. At the end of the program, you will be prepared to take the Travel Agent Proficiency (TAP) exam, a nationally recognized exam given by The Travel Institute in conjunction with Compass Travel Academy in an online format.

We developed our program for anyone who needs a “change.”  Skeptical?

Read this:

“The Compass Travel Academy program is perfect for the high school graduate who is undecided on college, the college student who is looking for more, the stay-at-home mom who knows there is a fun pastime out there that can be profitable, or the person who has lost his or her job and is looking for an affordable 'retraining' program for a career which will last a lifetime.”

- Rick Zimmerman, President & CEO- Compass Travel Academy
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Sound a little more like you? Read on...

Top 5 Reasons to Look Around Our Site:

1. Our curriculum prepares you for the Travel Agent Proficiency Test (TAP) Test, the only industry-standard test for certification through The Travel Institute.

2. We know money is tight. That’s why Compass offers affordable, economic-friendly education, including payment plan options and significant discounts available!

3. Our team of Instructors has over 75 years combined experience in the industry, which means you get a strong, knowledgeable and caring group of people who can meet your every educational need.

4. Aside from our two main courses of study, Compass Travel Academy teaches you about the home-based business model, allowing you to earn money in travel while you learn!

5. Over our year-long course of study, you get hands-on learning elements that will train you with real-world exercises in textbooks, workbooks and online training.

Like what you see? Then take your travel career to the next level with Compass Travel Academy! We welcome you to our site and encourage you to look through everything thoroughly.

Your adventure awaits….


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